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“Congregation Clusters” are church plants.

Below are links to our podcasts the Clusters ministry outside Philadelphia. These are parts one and two of a three-part interview with Joey and Meredith Ingrassia.

We are also sharpening our terminology. We continue to call the regular groups who gather around the Word to make disciples, “Clusters” or “Bible Clusters.” But those groups that are church plants we now call “Congregation Clusters.” What makes a Cluster a congregation is when at least these three characteristics exist:

(1) They recognize themselves as a congregation.
(2) Spiritual gifts function to build the body up in love.
(3) Biblical leadership emerges.

You can always find our weekly podcasts either on Spotify under “Charlotte Awake” or on our website for our allies ( 
Note that the allies website is Church Awake, not Charlotte Awake.

Millennials in Clusters (Part 01)
Millennials in Clusters (Part 02)